“MARCHFELD Secrets” app

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Can you keep a secret? In the Marchfeld, nothing is as it seems.

Discover the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 at Marchegg Palace with the “MARCHFELD Secrets” app and learn more about this unique region. Immerse yourself in the “MARCHFELD Secrets” experience with the app; multimedia functions convey additional exciting content!

Multimedia exhibition guide

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  • augmented reality

Whether you intend to visit the Lower Austria State Exhibition alone, in company, or with your family … As a multimedia guide, the new Lower Austria State Exhibition app is available in three languages (German, English, Slovakian). It accompanies you through the exhibition and beyond.

Discover loads of secrets on a multimedia tour. Point your lens at marked exhibits in the exhibition and experience the past from a different perspective.The app has been programmed with accessibility and inclusion in mind and thus offers a barrier-free experience.

A little tip: take your headphones with you for the best app experience.


You can download the app here:

App Store

Google Play

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Test the app and reveal the first "MARCHFELD secret":

1. Open the app.

2. Hold the camera lens over the magnifying glass icon.

welcome-marker of the app

3. Discover "MARCHFELD secrets".


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