A beastly guided tour

The Realm of Storks

Im Reich der Storche
© Andreas Pataki

A visit to the “Adebar family”

Snow-white plumage, jet-black wings and long, red legs – the stork is quite a handsome fellow! And a capable one at that. Reasons enough to pay a visit to the Adebar family. Marchegg is home to the largest tree-breeding white stork colony in Central Europe. During the 45-minute tour, you will learn interesting and curious facts about the storks here in Marchegg, exciting facts about the local stork colony and the migration of the storks. Did you know that the storks take on a two-month flight every year? They cover up to 10,000 kilometres. How do they manage that? You’ll find out during the tour. Get your ticket for the guided tour “The Realm of the Storks” now!


daily 3:00 pm (only from 25 March to 15 August 2022)
Duration: ca. 45 mins
Price: € 3,50 per person


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