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Thrills on the way (back home) to Vienna

You’ve been there, found out all MARCHFELD Secrets, seen Marchegg Palace, the storks, the Danube wetlands – but perhaps you’re still ready for more on the way home? We have a couple of tips for you. On the way back to the Austrian capital you could stop off at one of the following beautiful palaces. And don’t forget: the “MARCHFELD Secrets” ticket saves you € 2.- per admission card!


Eckartsau Palace: the former glory of the Habsburg Monarchy

Eckartsau Palace
Eckartsau Palace, © ÖBf-Archiv, Christoph Panzer

A mere 24 kilometres from the outskirts of Vienna you can still breathe the air of the Habsburg Monarchy. Eckartsau Palace is situated right in an idyllic, natural countryside. Quite a few crowned heads walked in and out here! Heir to the throne, Franz Ferdinand, hunted and fell in love in this palace. Charles, the last emperor of Austria, sought to find a refuge with his family behind these walls in November 1918. If you’re interested in a unique view into the past, make sure of your ticket now!


Baroque experience at Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof
Schloss Hof, © SKB, Hertha Hurnaus

This magnificent country seat once owned by Prince Eugene and later Maria Theresa is a real jewel set in a green landscape. Resplendent interiors, beautiful gardens, an estate farm with animals … It’s a place where history comes to life again, but where you can also simply revel in the surroundings. Sounds good? Here’s your direct access to the ticket website.


Niederweiden Palace: a chequered history

Niederweiden Palace
Niederweiden Palace, © Gerfried Tamerler

The former hunting lodge has been through many upheavals in history. During the First World War, the ground floor of the chateau was even used as a stable! The reconstructions for the Lower Austria State Exhibition of 1986 entitled “Prince Eugene and Baroque Austria” actually saved the chateau from dereliction. Today, it has to be a must on your list! You can book your ticket here.


schlossORTH National Park Centre and Museum

schlossORTH, , © Zsolt Kudich

Schloss Orth can also tell of a turbulent history. It was erected as a medieval moated castle in the 12th century and served as a hunting lodge under Crown Prince Rudolf. Since 1950, it has been a museum and is now also an information point and the Donau-Auen National Park visitor centre. Make sure you pop in at the famous museumORTH, you won’t regret it! Need more information? Simply click here!


Star-shaped trips starting in Marchegg

Are you planning to stay longer in the Marchfeld? Great! Launching out at Marchegg, you can head to different “heavenly” spheres of experience every day! 


Fateful North: Jedenspeigen Castle

Jedenspeigen Castle
Jedenspeigen Castle, © Township Jedenspeigen

Around 30 kilometres north of Marchegg is Jedenspeigen Castle. The mighty quadrangular building with a moat was first mentioned in writing in 1296. Today, the castle houses documentation on the fateful medieval battle between Rudolf I of Habsburg and Ottokar II of Bohemia. Interested? There’s more information here!


Roman South: the Roman city of Carnuntum

Roman city of Carnuntum
Kitchen in Carnuntum, © Atelier Olschinsky

About 20 kilometres south of Marchegg you can embark on a time trip to the imposing Roman city of Carnuntum. From the 1st to the 4th centuries AD, Carnuntum was an important cosmopolitan Roman city on the border of the Roman Empire. A visit has everything to recommend it: the Roman urban quarter with the reconstructed ancient buildings, the amphitheatre and the Museum Carnuntinum as the treasure house of Carnuntum provide fascinating inside views of life in antiquity! You can buy a ticket for your Carnuntum time trip here.


Wild West: Railway Museum at Heizhaus Strasshof

Steam locomotive, © Railway Museum Strasshof

Welcome to the moving museum! Set off in a historical steam train from around 1869 on a time trip into a long-forgotten era. It’s a thrill you certainly won’t forget, regardless of your age. Find more information here.


Medieval East: Devín Castle

Devín Castle
Devín Castle, © Rupert Pessl

You’re on Slovakian soil when you visit the imposing ruins of Devín Castle, majestically enthroned on a high rock over the confluence of the Danube and the Morava, almost as if aware that it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Central Europe. The glorious view from up there is another reason why you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the Devín Castle ruins!

Have a wonderful time discovering the mysterious Marchfeld! See you soon at the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 and the “MARCHFELD Secrets” exhibition!

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