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A perfect day for explorers

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You are magically attracted to the unusual, the exciting and the unexplored? Then the Marchfeld is just the place for you. What would you like to do today? Admire enchanting fireflies, watch bats as they fly through the night, explore new places in the neighbouring region of Slovakia, or travel back in time as you visit magnificent castles? Enjoy your expedition to the Marchfeld plain!

Animal encounters in the floodplain

Has your tour of the “MARCHFELD Secrets” exhibition whetted your appetite? Do you want to take a deeper dive into this colourful region and discover its hidden treasures? Perfect! The Marchfeld is full of unexpected encounters and a real paradise for adventurers and explorers. One of the gems is the floodplain of the WWF Nature Reserve of Marchegg. While touring the wetlands of the Morava, you may be lucky enough to spot a shy black stork, a proud white-tailed eagle, or a beautiful black kite. And don’t miss out on the white stork and grey heron colonies. The floodplain is not just a paradise for birds; it’s also a hideaway for amphibians, reptiles, and wild Konik horses. One thing’s for sure: as you hike through the reserve along signposted paths, you will encounter quite a few beauties on two or four legs.

Realm of storks

Marchegg Palace and its surroundings have a very special treat in store for you: from March to August, it is home to the largest tree-nesting white stork colony in Central Europe.

At 3:00 pm every day, you can spend 45 minutes getting to know the storks a little better. Tickets are € 3.50 per person.

“Walking in the moonlight” at the national park


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Nationalpark 2

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Speaking of beauties: have you ever seen a firefly? You have? Then you will certainly remember the sight. There’s something magical about the way the small glow-worms appear almost out of the blue, peeling out of the dark with their gentle glow. So, it’s hardly surprising that fireflies often appear in legends and myths – and at Donau-Auen National Park! Walking at night through the quiet park of Schloss Orth, bathed in moonlight, is an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer to watch the skittish owls, learn more about bats, or discover the aforementioned magical fireflies, a night walk will show you quite a few things in a new light. And if you don’t want to go home in the evening, surrounded by the wild beauty of the national park, you can pitch your tents at the camp site on the fluvial terrace. Those touring by boat or bike are welcome to stay free of charge for two nights in a row. Another suggestion for cycling fans: follow the Marchfeld Canal cycle route through the gorgeous landscape of the Marchfeld plain. The 61-kilometre route starts in Vienna; it’s a great outing and a feast for the eye – and not just for people who cycle regularly.

An outing to the other side of the Morava

You don’t want the adventure to stop at the border? Then why not take a leap and visit the other side? You could rent a bike in Marchegg and cross into Slovakia via the bicycle bridge in Marchegg or the Freedom Cycling Bridge near Schloss Hof. You’re not a fan of cycling? Then why not take a pleasant train trip from Marchegg to Slovakia, where there’s plenty to see in the Záhorie region. This green region west of Bratislava, the national capital, is famous for its natural assets (it’s a paradise for mushroom hunters, for example), its beautiful woods, water sports and historic sights. How about a detour to the ruins of the old Slavic Devín Castle? It sits proudly atop a high cliff above the confluence of the Danube and the Morava and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Central Europe.

Railway nostalgia and castle tales

Steam locomotive, © Railway Museum Strasshof

You can also travel back in time on the Marchfeld – for example at the Breitstetten steam engine museum or the Strasshof railway museum. Imagine the stories these old machines could tell if they were able to speak! Let yourself be swept away into the distant past while you examine the historic machines. The aura of the past also surrounds the many beautiful castles on the Marchfeld. Listen to the exciting tales, myths and legends surrounding many of these palaces and castles.

Palaces on the Marchfeld plain:

  • Marchegg Palace
  • Eckartsau Palace
  • Orth Palace
  • Niederweiden Palace
  • Schloss Hof Palace

Discover culinary treats


© Rupert Pessl


© Rupert Pessl

The Marchfeld has plenty to offer for explorers and adventurers. But exploration makes people hungry, so it’s lucky that the Marchfeld is also known for its culinary treats. Recharge your batteries with a meal break at Hotel-Gasthof-Vinothek Sommer in Auersthal, or stop in for a bite to eat at Winzerhof Küssler in Stillfried or at Weingut Reckendorfer in Ollersdorf. Weingut Minkowitsch in Mannersdorf an der March is also worth a visit, and so are Zündwerk in Strasshof, Marchfelderhof in Deutsch-Wagram, and Café Röstkork in Engelhartstetten. If you want to try regional products, the Weydner Wirtshaus in Oberweiden is a good place to start. Here, you can get Marchfelder Storchenbräu beer, fine apples and various apple and mixed apple juices from Biohof Hansi in Oberweiden.

Have you figured out all the details for your day of exploration on the Marchfeld? Then why not buy your ticket to the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 and enjoy an exciting day on the Marchfeld! Maybe even two or three days. You won’t regret it.

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