Next stop: Schloss Orth, Donau-Auen National Park. The gateway to the wetlands is also the gateway to a magical paradise, a place where the Danube laps at an almost unspoiled environment full of natural wildlife. How about a canoeing trip in the evening? Climb into the rocking canoe with the rangers and immerse yourself in nature. As you slowly drift along the branches of the Danube, crepuscular and nocturnal animals begin to stir. Which animals can you spot? Who owns those furry ears over there in the bushes? And who is paddling through the water in front of you? Your children will definitely remember this canoeing tour for a long time. Canoeing makes you hungry, so Humers Uferhaus is the logical next stop. This charming inn offers a gorgeous view of the Danube as well as excellent food – including special fish dishes that are freshly prepared every day according to granny’s original recipes. In a word: This is the perfect way to round off a perfect day with your family.

Here’s looking at you, kid! Alpacas on the Marchfeld

Do your children love animals? Then they’ll love this outing. In Goissenbrunn you can make friends with a real alpaca. The Marchfeldmühle alpaca experience is an unforgettable highlight. But take care, these soft and furry animals with huge, dark eyes are real heartbreakers. There’s an Andean saying: “If you look into the eyes of an alpaca for too long, you will be fascinated by it forever.” Hike through the vastness of the Marchfeld and see your children making friends with these gentle creatures. And come back soon if one of your children should lose their heart to these cuddly camels of the Andes. You might also want to pick up a small souvenir at the “Wollstübchen” store. After your hike, you can recruit your strength with authentic Austrian food and delicious sweet dishes at the inn Am Langen Weg. Would this be a family day to your taste? Great! If you want adventure, a playground and animals in one place, we have another suggestion for you.

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