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River Morava with surrounding alluvial forest

Morava as a connecting link, © Rupert Pessl

Fluid boundaries, old and new:


From “Iron Curtain” to “Green Belt”

Shush! Still waters run deep: Rivers are communication lines and trade routes, contact zones and conflict zones. In the past, the Morava was mainly a connecting element. It only became a state border in the modern sense of the term in 1918. From 1949, the river was part of the “Iron Curtain”, separating the Marchfeld from the Slovak Záhorie region for decades.

Today, it is an important link once again: as part of the “European Green Belt”, it connects unique natural regions between the Arctic Ocean and the Black Sea.

Delve into the chequered past of the rivers on the Marchfeld!

Exhibit: taxidermied lynx

Lynx, © Landessammlungen Niederösterreich

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