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Exhibit: amber bead necklace

Amber bead necklace, Carnuntum © Landessammlungen Niederösterreich

Where the Morava meets the Danube:


Life on the banks of two rivers

There’s always some huffing and puffing , panting and ranting, trilling and shrilling going on along rivers. Rivers are fascinating, pulsating lifelines of nature. The Danube and Morava’s riparian landscapes are particularly rich in species. This is not least because the Marchfeld is nestled between three climatic zones.

In the old days, it was located on the border of the Roman Empire, along the Amber Road and the Danubian Limes, two major trade routes. River crossings were closely guarded by military forces to secure the region’s power and prosperity.

What remains of those days? Stroll through the diverse landscapes of the Danube and Morava rivers.

Outlet of the Morava into the Danube

Outlet of the Morava into the Danube, © Rupert Pessl

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