Dwarfs and giants

The Realm of Trees

Im Reich der Baume
© Rupert Pessl

Welcome to the green, magic kingdom

Are you ready for an excursion into the mystical realm of trees? You will be amazed at the small and large wonders that await you here! Small but mighty, for example, is the so-called “silk ass ant”. You will learn more about this little tree dweller during the tour. A real giant, on the other hand, is the old lime tree in the palace garden, in which a hermit beetle lives. The old oaks in which the famous storks build their nests are also definitely worth a visit. In about 45 minutes, your guide will let you in on the many secrets of the trees in Marchegg and their inhabitants. On top of that, you will learn about the history of the splendid palace and the magnificent palace garden. Secure your ticket for the guided tour in “The Realm of Trees” now!


Daily 3:00 pm (from 16 August 2022)
Duration: ca. 45 mins
Price: € 3,50 per person 


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