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Sport Radfahrer
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Come rain or shine … Do you feel most at home outside? As a genuine outdoor type and sport lover, you have an irresistible urge to live out this passion in your free time. The Marchfeld offers countless opportunities for doing just that! For instance, have you ever glided across the glistening waters of the Danube in a canoe early in the morning? Have you ever looked across the vast stretches of the Marchfeld from the heights of the Braunsberg, or experienced the might of the elements on a paddle tour in a dinghy? In the Marchfeld, all this is possible – and much more. The motto is: “Get cracking and embrace the day!”

On your bikes, get set, go!

Do you always take your bike with you on your holidays? Even if you leave your bike at home you can go on the most fantastic cycling tours in the Marchfeld. For example, from late March, you can hire modern e-bikes at the Stork House at Marchegg Palace and explore the region boosted by electricity.
You’ll have an emotional tailwind to power you up to top gear when you’re cycling through the Marchfeld. The vast plain of the landscape is nothing if not predestined for bike tours, both easy-going and sprinting! The Marchfeld Canal cycle route leads from Langenzersdorf via Vienna along the canal all the way to the Marchfeld plain. The route is easy and level with no notable gradients. If you’re a biking fan, you’ll love this route. More muscle is required for the 8th stage of the Danube cycle route, but you are rewarded with fascinating contrasts. It takes you through the Donau-Auen National Park to Hainburg on the Slovakian border – the easternmost town in Austria. But maybe you don’t want to stop at the border. In this case, we can share an experience for heart, soul and eye: the cross-border cycle tour along the river Morava!

Staying the night in the Marchfeld
If you’re planning a multi-day cycle tour in the Marchfeld and need accommodation, have a look at these tips:

You can find more accommodation here.


Water, still or wild – what’s your choice?

Kanufahrt Donau

© Rupert Pessl


© Rupert Pessl

If you’re a water rat, you can find your ideal habitat in the Donau-Auen National Park. What about an early-morning canoe tour through the tributaries of the Danube? The dawning of the day with nature and the water world awakening to life has a very special fascination. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch sight of one or two other residents of the river landscape. But you can also speed up the pace and go on a dinghy trip. Rangers accompany you on the “River-Mountain-Wetland Adventure” and tell you about the history of the national park and projects for renaturing the banks of the Danube. Surging downstream, the wild dinghy ride takes you past the castle ruins of Rötelstein to the Devín crossing. Then you hike back along the wild bank of the Danube. An experience you won’t forget so quickly!

Keeping your feet on the ground: golfing, hiking, bow-hunting safari

© Gänserndorf Adventure Park

Do you want to improve your handicap? Or seize the opportunity of your trip to the Marchfeld to try your hand at golf for the first time? Beginners and experienced golfers are welcome at the Schönfeld Golf Club. If you want to explore the region without a golf club in your hand, you should hike up the Braunsberg. Along with Devínska Koblya on the other side of the border, the Braunsberg forms the Devín or Hungarian Gate to the river Danube. On the summit and vantage point, a breathtakingly beautiful panorama stretches out before you. The view from up there pans across the Hundsheimer Berge hill range, the Danube and the Donau-Auen National Park, the Morava estuary and even as far as Bratislava. And if you’d like to finish off the day with another adventure, stop off at the 3D bow-hunting animal safari in the Gänserndorf Adventure Park. In its far-reaching forest and steppe you can “hunt” true-to-life 3D animals with bow and arrow, stalking, targeting and sensing the thrill of the chase. Try it out! Equally challenging is the forest climbing garden in the adventure park. Who’s the best when it comes to skills and coordination?

Whatever sporting highlight you choose and wherever you go in the Marchfeld – an adventure awaits you in nearly every nook and cranny! Surely, that’s reasons enough to finish off your guided tour through the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 with a bit of sports in the Marchfeld.

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