Keeping your feet on the ground: golfing, hiking, bow-hunting safari

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Do you want to improve your handicap? Or seize the opportunity of your trip to the Marchfeld to try your hand at golf for the first time? Beginners and experienced golfers are welcome at the Schönfeld Golf Club. If you want to explore the region without a golf club in your hand, you should hike up the Braunsberg. Along with Devínska Koblya on the other side of the border, the Braunsberg forms the Devín or Hungarian Gate to the river Danube. On the summit and vantage point, a breathtakingly beautiful panorama stretches out before you. The view from up there pans across the Hundsheimer Berge hill range, the Danube and the Donau-Auen National Park, the Morava estuary and even as far as Bratislava. And if you’d like to finish off the day with another adventure, stop off at the 3D bow-hunting animal safari in the Gänserndorf Adventure Park. In its far-reaching forest and steppe you can “hunt” true-to-life 3D animals with bow and arrow, stalking, targeting and sensing the thrill of the chase. Try it out! Equally challenging is the forest climbing garden in the adventure park. Who’s the best when it comes to skills and coordination?

Whatever sporting highlight you choose and wherever you go in the Marchfeld – an adventure awaits you in nearly every nook and cranny! Surely, that’s reasons enough to finish off your guided tour through the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 with a bit of sports in the Marchfeld.

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