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You are magically attracted to the unusual, the exciting and the unexplored? Then the Marchfeld is just the place for you. What would you like to do today? Admire enchanting fireflies, watch bats as they fly through the night, explore new places in the neighbouring region of Slovakia, or travel back in time as you visit magnificent castles? Enjoy your expedition to the Marchfeld plain!

Animal encounters in the floodplain

Has your tour of the “MARCHFELD Secrets” exhibition whetted your appetite? Do you want to take a deeper dive into this colourful region and discover its hidden treasures? Perfect! The Marchfeld is full of unexpected encounters and a real paradise for adventurers and explorers. One of the gems is the floodplain of the WWF Nature Reserve of Marchegg. While touring the wetlands of the Morava, you may be lucky enough to spot a shy black stork, a proud white-tailed eagle, or a beautiful black kite. And don’t miss out on the white stork and grey heron colonies. The floodplain is not just a paradise for birds; it’s also a hideaway for amphibians, reptiles, and wild Konik horses. One thing’s for sure: as you hike through the reserve along signposted paths, you will encounter quite a few beauties on two or four legs.

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