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Exhibit: jacket worn during the occupation of the Hainburger Au in 1984

Jacket worn during the occupation of the Hainburger Au, 1984 © Landessammlungen Niederösterreich

From nature to environment:


A natural landscape worth protecting

How can we protect nature? This question became more and more pressing in the wake of industrialisation and its environmental effects. Eventually, the first conservation organisations were founded. Austria’s first nature reserve, the Weikendorfer Remise, was established in 1927.

Today, Lower Austria has many reserves, including wetlands and dry sites on gravel and former drifting sand. They are the largest and most intact nature reserves in all of Austria, unrivalled in Europe.

Learn more about the Marchfeld’s natural landscape, which is truly worth protecting!

Landscape of the Weikendorf Remise nature reserve

Weikendorf Remise, © Rupert Pessl

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