A chequered history

The Marchfeld has always been an exciting border region. There has been conflict since the Carolingian period. After 976, the area began to stabilise as more and more settlers developed land into dwellings, fields, and pastures. About 95 settlements had been built by the year 1300. Marchegg Palace was constructed in 1268. At that time, Marchegg was the largest planned town in the Archduchy of Austria.

But this development came at a high price. For example, deforestation and intensive agriculture had many adverse effects, such as drifting sand dunes. The country was ravaged by epidemics, wars, and the climate change.

Vast stretches of land were left barren and deserted. Later, attempts were made to curb population decline by inviting migrant workers, mainly from Croatia.

Learn more about the turbulent history and culture of the Marchfeld!

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